Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Gift Guide!


Even before I got engaged, or before I was dating anyone for that matter, I would always think about who the girls would be that would stand by my side for my big day.  When it came time to officially ask them to be my bridesmaids I was beyond excited!  I needed to ask them in the perfect way!!  What better way than a "Will you be my bridesmaid?" gift box.  It's the least I could do knowing how much money and time they were about to spend on me.

Next step was deciding what to put in this gift box.  Generally, when gift box giving I like to have what I call an "anchor".  This is a larger gift that takes up a good amount of space in the gift box and ties the gift box together.  

I used Sugarfina "Will you be my bridesmaid?" candy set as my anchor.  I am obsessed with Sugarfina.  Candy has never looked so good and I always feel like I am giving something significant when I include a sugarfina cube in my gift to someone.  This set specifically has three cubes.  The first cube says "Will you" and is their signiture Champagne Bears.  The second cube says "be my" and is "pink diamonds".  The third cube says "Bridesmaid?" and is champagne bubbles.  Any bridesmaid would LOVE to receive one of these.  Plus you cannot beat the cute slider box with the outer sleeve.  Presentation on point!!

Next, I knew I needed something that said "bridesmaid" of course!  I thought the bridesmaid pouches I found were perfect!  The font, the color, the tassel all just did it for me!  And I knew they would do it for my girls as well.  :). TIP: Grab some monogram charms from Michaels.  Your girls are going to want to use them for lots of wedding events they will be at all together and you don't want them getting mixed up.  I have two girls with the same initial and I gave them each a different color gemstone additionally so that they could tell the difference!

Now for some pampering!!  Since they will be spending so much time on me, I thought I would force them to spend some time on themselves too!  Got to love a good bath bomb, so that was a clear choice.  I went with the "Celebrate Good Times" bath bomb.  The name was appropriate and the scent is to die for.  The ingredients are natural jojoba and olive oil, lemongrass essential oil, & milk bath.  Added bonus is that there is a surprise in the bath bomb!  I have to tell the secret because it's SO cool!  It is a multi-colored water-activated light.

I also included a sunflower mask sheet because they are so fun!  I loved the way the color worked with the rest of the items in the gift box.  Plus, these masks are fabulous!  They contains 12 seperate slices that can be used for spot treatment wherever you need nourishment!  You can use on your face, neck, arms or legs.

Lastly and probably the most necessary...I included a hangover shower shot!  Shower shots are made from essential oils, herbs and flowers that are handpicked from an island farm in Maine.  You drop these into the shower and the steam releasing the amazing scents.  This one is made with lemon, grapefruit, cedarwood, juniper, and lavender to help with head and tummy aches.  Perfect final touch to let the ladies know what they were in for ;)

Then, I put all these beautiful items in our "Will you be my bridesmaid?" boxes on a bed of crinkle!


I think my girls ADORED these boxes and the goodies that were inside.  I was so happy to hear about them using all the different items and seeing them use their bridesmaid pouch!

All of these items are available at Bell Farm Shop!  This article was written August of 2018 so please call ahead for availability if a significant amount of time has gone by and you are reading this article.  :)