Bird Pole System To Keep the Squirrels Away

The top issue we hear about when it comes to feeding the birds is dealing with those pesky squirrels. They figure everything out! The clothesline, the greased pole, the slinky - you name it! You may think you have them beat, but then a month down the road they are chowing down on your not-so-cheap Meaties! Not fun!

Well we have a solution for you that has worked wonders for us! A dome scalloped baffle. The squirrels are truly baffled by this baffle! The scallops make it impossible for them to get a grip, so they get off! It’s great!

The baffle is part of a larger pole system, but it is the key component into what makes your pole squirrel proof. When buying a pole system you are getting a piece that goes into the ground by either twisting or pounding in, an 80” pole, a baffle and then a top to hang your feeders. At Bell Farm Stops in York, Maine we have many options and can walk you through all the components and help you choose what is best for you. On our website we have an option where the pole is split into three pieces to make it more practical for shipping. In the store, we only have the 80” pole available.

The most important thing to know when setting up your pole system is placement. It is SO important to insure you will be squirrel free. 6-7-9 is the rule. Squirrels won’t jump higher than 6 feet off the ground, 7 feet from the side, and 9 feet from an overhanging tree. So you want to position your baffle towards the very top of the pole and make sure you are 7 feet away from any bushes or trees and don’t have an overhanging tree closer than 9 feet.

What I love best about the pole system is that it then opens you up to a huge variety of feeders that were no-no’s in the past.

Like this beautiful covered dome feeder:

If you tried to hang this feeder on a typical shepherds hook, the squirrels would have an absolute field day! They would park their little bums right in there and have a feast. But with the baffle you can be rest assured that just your pretty more polite flying friends will be fed. The best part about this feeder is that it’s great for cardinals. They are large so they want to be able to land and eat comfortably. Their beaks are also large, so it’s difficult for them to get seed from typical mesh feeders or small port holes. They love this feeder! You can also put mealworms in it to attract the bluebirds, as well.

This suet feeder is also great addition to any pole system that would have caused you a lot of frustration pre- pole system. This bluebird is chowing down on some insect suet- yum! :p

We sell all of these products mentioned at Bell Farm Shops, a gift, home decor, garden decor and wild bird supply store in York, Maine!

Thank you to Ginny Lea Photography for the gorgeous photos from her pole system that she purchased at Bell Farm Shops! :)