Granite Fairy Silhouette Birdbath

fairy bb.JPG
fairy bb.JPG

Granite Fairy Silhouette Birdbath


This unique fairy base is sure to bring elegance and charm to any backyard!

Sturdy and strong, the unique, rust-finish base steel.

The gold granite birdbath bowl features a polished basin and chiseled top and exterior.

These are handcarved and have endured outdoor environments for thousands of years and will continue to do so.

Since each piece is unique, size and weight are approximate

27"H x 20"D, 70 lbs

These items are available special order from 4/30-5/15 ONLY. They will be available for pickup on weekends beginning 6/2. If you do not require any assistance, you may pickup any day besides Weds (we are closed). We only require a 50% deposit, so call 207-363-8181 if you would like to make your deposit.

Not available to ship-pick up only

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