Holiday Greens

6' Woodford Pine Garland

6' Woodford Pine Garland will look great on your stairs or m..

Prickly Pine 6' Garland

6' prickly pine is our most popular garland! It looks so re..

Prickly Pine Hanging

This 33" hanging green is so popular! We bring it back ever..

12" Weatherproof Berry Pick

Matte weatherproof berry pick looks great accenting greens.

Prickly Pine Candle Ring Large

Our Christmas classic prickly pine in a large candle ring! ..

Prickly Pine Candle Ring Medium

This candle ring is a staple in our store and will be the de..

Candle Ring Prickly Pine Small

Prickly pine candle ring looks so nice around a taper candle..

20" Wish & Wonder Pine Wreath

No need to wish for a more wonderful wreath than this one! ..

34" Frosted White Spruce Hanging Green

Wintery spruce peppered with small granules of snow and dash..