A Guide to Buying a Squirrel Proof Pole System

A Guide to Buying a Squirrel Proof Pole System

End your battle with the squirrels with a pole system!!

The top issue we hear about when it comes to feeding the birds is dealing with those pesky squirrels. They figure everything out! The clothesline, the greased pole, the slinky - you name it! You may think you have them beat, but then a month down the road they are chowing down on your Meaties! Not fun!

Well, we have a solution for you that has worked wonders for us! A dome squirrel baffle.  The squirrels are truly baffled by this baffle! The scallops make it impossible for them to get a grip, so they get off! It’s great! If you also have raccoons, we have a larger one that will combat them as well.  

Squirrel Baffle

The baffle is part of a larger pole system, but it is the key component into what makes your pole squirrel proof. 

The most important thing to know when setting up your pole system is placement. It is SO important to insure you will be squirrel free. 6-7-9 is the rule. Squirrels won’t jump higher than 6 feet off the ground, 7 feet from the side, and 9 feet from an overhanging tree. So you want to position your baffle towards the very top of the pole and make sure you are 7 feet away from any bushes or trees and don’t have an overhanging tree closer than 9 feet.

Now, let's help you figure out the other components you will need to help you set up your pole system.

We will start with the base, to put your pole into the ground.  You have two choices:

Twist in the ground socket

Twist in Ground Socket

OR hammer in ground socket and 12" pole extension

Hammer in Ground Socket      Extender

The twist in the ground socket has a "twist assist" hole that you could use a screwdriver to get leverage and twist into the ground.  

The other option is a pound in the ground socket with an extender.  To get into the ground you would use a 4x4 piece of wood on top to pound into the ground.  You would need an extender piece since you lose the height of the pole.  

This decision is best made by assessing your ground type and what would work best for where you are putting your bird feeder.  The twist in the ground socket allows for easier removal, but keep in mind there will always be a little height out of the ground on the socket so you would not be able to mow over it.

Next you need your pole

The poles are 80" heigh and the ideal height for combatting the squirrels.  

As we referenced earlier, you would choose your baffle

Squirrel Baffle OR Raccoon Baffle

Squirrel BaffleRacoon Baffle

We use the larger one to ensure we are set for the raccoons also!  

Either baffle comes with a collar mount that will tighten around the pole and the baffle will slip over top.  We have replacements available if needed.

Collar Mount

Lastly, you will choose your top.

Two arm top

Two Arm Top


Three arm top

Three Arm Top


Three arm extended reach top

Three Arm Extended Reach

We use the 3 arm extended reach top.  We have larger feeders and it ensures there is enough clearance.  

These tops slip right onto the top of your pole and then you are ready to go!


It is an investment, but it is so worth it to enjoy the birds without the added hassle of chasing away the squirrels.  It makes it easier to attract a larger variety of birds, since you can have open feeder that would normally be an invitation to the squirrels.  We have one both at home and at the shop, we love it so much! 

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